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Almond shake

Street style badam shake is a delicious and refreshing drink for summer. it is a tasty and filling milkshake recipe prepared mainly with few blanch of almond and milk. it is easy to make and the combination of milk and almond provides the necessary energy and nutrients in summer. It can quickly be served to kids and adults as dessert. Do try this!

The key to making tasty badam milkshakes at home is
  • first, soak the badam in hot water to peel off the skin easily. Also, make a smooth paste of soaked almonds for a rich and creamy texture of shake.
  • I have added some milk powder into the milk, which gave mawa-like taste to shake.
  • I add cornflour to give thickness to the shake, you can add custard powder or arrowroot powder instead of it.
  • Lastly, badam milkshake tastes excellent when served chilled.
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Almond shake

Recipe card for badam shake

Nehas Cook Book
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Chilled for 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 15 mins
Course beverages
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 glass


  • 20 almonds
  • 1 litre milk
  • 7-8 tbsp sugar or as per your taste
  • ¼ cup saffron milk you can use regular milk
  • 2 cardamom seeds
  • 1 tbsp malai
  • 3-4 tbsp milk powder
  • 1 tbsp corn flour
  • Garnish with almond and pistachio slits


  • In a bowl, soak almonds in slightly hot water for 20 minutes.
  • Remove its skin and add it into the mixture jar. Also add sugar, saffron milk, cardamom, and malai. Grind it into a smooth paste. Keep it aside.
  • Now in a pan, add milk and milk powder. Mix well.
  • Place a pan on gas and bring milk to boil on high flame.
  • Now lower the flame and add grinded paste to it. mix well and cook the mixture for 5-7 minutes.
  • Now in a bowl, add 1 tbsp cornflour and ¼ cup cold milk. Mix well and add the mixture into the pan.
  • Then cook it for 5 minutes, and the mixture starts to thicken.
  • Switch off the gas and cook down the mixture for 5 minutes.
  • Now refrigerator for 1 hrs and serve it chilled.


  • add slightly hot water to almonds (badam), so they soaked faster.
  • milk powder gives creaminess to badam shake
  • boil milk with badam paste only for 5 minutes.
  • cornflour gives thickness to badam shake. you can use custard powder or arrarrot powder instead of it.
  • badam shake tastes excellent when it is served chilled.


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