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Sandwich khaman | how to make sandwich khaman | new style khaman dhokla | dhokla sandwich

Khaman Dhokla is an all-time favorite Gujarati snack recipe. In this recipe, I made a sandwich khaman with regular khaman dhokla layered with green chutney and top up with tomato sauce and sev. It is a combination of sweet and sour taste, which is generally served as a snack but can also be served as a morning breakfast recipe or a sudden guest at home. It is an easy and foolproof recipe of soft and spongy khaman dhokla. Do try this!

The key to making khatta meetha dhokla at home are
  • Firstly, Dhokla batter should be medium thick and ribbon-like pouring consistency. I grind dhokla batter well so air particles incorporate in it and dhokla becomes soft and spongy dhokla. You can use a hand whisker instead of a mixture jar.
  • dhokla tastes great when it is slightly sweet and sour. I use nimbu na phool (citric acid) to give sourness to dhokla batter. You can use lemon juice instead of it.
  • For soft and fluffy dhokla, I have added baking soda which can be easily replaced with Eno fruit salt if you wish to. But I would heavily recommend using very less turmeric as it would react with baking soda to yield a pink color spot.
  • i have steamed the dhokla on a steel vessel, you can use kadai or steamer instead of it. Also, preheating steamer and kadai helps to make spongy dhokla.
  • Spread some tempering on cooked dhokla to enhance its flavor and taste.
  • Lastly, sandwich dhokla tastes great when it is served immediately.
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Khaman dhokla

Sandwich khaman | how to make sandwich khaman | new style khaman dhokla | dhokla sandwich

Nehas Cook Book
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Soaking time 6 hrs
Total Time 6 hrs 25 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 servings


For dhokla batter

  • 1 cup or 130 grm gram flour besan
  • ¾ cup water
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • Pinch of hing
  • Pinch of turmeric do not use more
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp citric acid
  • ¾ tsp baking soda perfect in 1 cup besan

For dhokla tempering

  • 2 tbsp oil
  • ½ tsp mustard seeds
  • ½ tsp white sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • ½ tsp lemon juice

For green chutney

  • 1 big bunch of coriander leaves
  • 4 green chilli as per your taste
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tbsp peanuts
  • 1 tsp chaat masala
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2-3 tbsp slightly cold water

For sandwich khaman

  • Khaman dhokla
  • Green chutney
  • Tomato sauce
  • Sev
  • Pomegranate seeds


Making khaman dhokla

  • In a mixture jar, add water, oil, hing, turmeric powder, salt, sugar, and nimbu na phool. Grind it, the white mixture is ready.
  • Then add 1 cup of besan and grind it again.
  • The smooth and ribbon-like flowing consistency of dhokla batter are ready.
  • Take out into mixing bowl and rest for 15 minutes.
  • Then add baking soda and 1 tbsp water and mix well till the batter become fluffy and light.
  • Now pour dhokla batter into a grease steel bowl.
  • Then in a deep bottom vessel (big patili) add 3-4 cups of water and bring to a boil. When water comes to a boil, put this plate with a hole on it and grease it.
  • Place a steel bowl on it and cover it with the big vessel. Then steam dhokla for 12-15 minutes at a medium-high flame.
  • The best way to check whether they are cooked or not is to insert a knife in the middle. If it comes clear, dhokla is done.
  • Switch off the flame and let it rest.
  • Then demold khaman dhokla from the bowl and cut it into two pieces.

Making green chutney

  • In a mixture jar, add coriander leaves, green chili, ginger, cumin seeds, salt, peanuts, chat masala, sugar, lemon juice, and little water. Grind it.
  • Green chutney is ready.

Making sandwich khaman

  • For dhokla tempering, in a pan, add oil, mustard seeds, white sesame seeds, water, sugar, and salt. Boil water until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Now switch off the gas and add lemon juice to it.
  • Then pour hot tempering on dhokla pieces.
  • Now spread green chutney on one side.
  • Then cover the chutney with another layer of dhokla.
  • Now on the top, spread some tomato sauce and sprinkle some sev and pomegranate seeds.
  • Serve sandwich khaman dhokla immediately.


  • The consistency of dhokla batter is smooth and ribbon-like flowing.
  • Rest dhokla batter for 10-15 minutes, so besan soak properly.
  • After adding baking soda stir the batter continuously for 1 minute, so soda incorporate into the batter.
  • Dhokla batter should be frothy and velveting texture.
  • Steam dhokla on high-medium flame for 12-15 minutes. Do not oversteam dhokla.
  • The addition of tempering into sandwich dhokla enhances its taste and flavor.
  • You can use red chutney instead of tomato sauce.
  • Sandwich dhokla tastes great when it serves immediately.




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