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Besan burfi recipe |besan ki burfi recipe | How to make besan burfi

Besan burfi is a traditional Indian sweet made with basic ingredients like besan(gram flour), sugar, and ghee. It melts in the mouth, delicious and perfect for festival time.

Sweets are part of Indian festival celebrations. I always prepared different types of sweets and burfi during festival time. Besan burfi is one of my favorite burfi recipes that is loved by my all family members.

It is a simple burfi recipe made with roasted gram flour with ghee on low flame, when gram flour turns aromatic and changes its color to a golden brown then add sugar and cardamom powder for flavor. Initially, it is like besan fudge but after cooling at room temperature cut into pieces. Delicious, smooth, and melt-in-mouth besan burfi is loved by everyone.

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Besan burfi recipe |besan ki burfi recipe | How to make besan burfi

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Indian sweets
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 big pieces


  • 2 cup or 200 gram flour or besan
  • ½ cup or 80 grms fine rava
  • ¾ cup or 140 grms ghee
  • 1 + ¼ cup or 210 grms sugar
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder
  • Ghee of greasing
  • Garnish with silver vark


  • Roast besan for burfi
  • In a heavy bottom kadai, take 3/4 cup desi ghee and melt it.
  • Then add 2 cup besan and ½ cup fine rava. roast it on low flame.
  • In the beginning, besan absorbed ghee and the mixture got thicker.
  • After some time besan mixture starts to become liquid and ghee will be released from the sides.
  • Stir continuously till besan turns into light brown color and is aromatic.
  • Then add cardamom powder and mix well.
  • When besan roast properly and even in color.
  • Then add 1+1/4 cup powder sugar and cardamom powder.
  • Mix quickly, the mixture begins to thicken and leaves the sides of the kadai.
  • Quickly pour the mixture into a greased tray.
  • Press the mixture with a spatula and make an even layer
  • Cool the burfi at room temperature.
  • Garnish barfi with silve vark and cut it into pieces.
  • Serve or store burfi in an airtight container for 6-7 days at room temperature.


  • Roast besan with ghee on low flame. Besan turns light brown and aromatic.
  • Do not roast besan on high flame otherwise, it will burn and be bitter in taste.
  • Add a proportion of sugar according to your choice of sweetness.
  • Cool besan burfi fudge for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. Burfi takes perfect shape after it cools down.
  • Store besan burfi in an airtight container for 6-7 days at room temperature or 10-12 days in the refrigerator.
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