Leftover rice balls

Leftover rice balls | how to make rice Manchurian | leftover rice snacks recipe

Leftover rice balls are an easy and tasty aloo snacks recipe that can be prepared within minutes without much hassle. I share two methods...
Chinese samosa

Chinese samosa recipe | how to make Chinese patti samosa | samosa recipe

Chinese samosa a deep-fried snack prepared with homemade pastry sheets and tasty noodles stuffing. I share an easy recipes to make samosas sheets at...

Veg hakka noodles recipe | street style veg hakka noodles | how to make...

Veg hakka noodles are a popular Chinese recipe prepared with a combination of noodles with vegetables and sauces. To cook these noodles, you have...
Manchurian gravy

Manchurian gravy recipe| vegetable Manchurian gravy | how to make street style gravy Manchurian

Veg Manchurian gravy is a popular Indo Chinese gravy based appetizer recipe made with deep-fried vegetable balls. It is generally made and served as...

Schezwan Frankie recipe | schezwan chutney recipe | schezwan Frankie with homemade schezwan chutney

Schezwan Frankie is a popular Indian street style kathi roll made with spicy and tasty schezwan chutney, aloo patties, and roti. In this recipe,...

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